Welcome to the student engineers website- Where engineers are made. This website provides a platform of interaction for students in the field of engineering across Kenya as well as the world over. Our focus is mainly on enhancing the all-round making of an engineer right from the point of inception to the course, to the finish line. We reach out to you and ask of you, to help us drive engineering to the next level.

Amidst the challenge of content presentation and clientele expectations, we strive here to brief you of what is in the academia from the student perspective. We have created a well enough dynamic website to ensure the participation of all engineering fields. However, we have modelled the website with The University of Nairobi School of Engineering students in mind, resulting in the five Department structure. All contributions from our online participants for inclusion shall be subject to evaluation and may lead to the restructuring for the sake of inclusion.

We highly welcome all students, stakeholders, alumni, corporates as well as well-wishers to help us move faster and take over the running of engineering sector in this country. It is our desire and belief that for engineering to be the fun it is thought to be, we must move from the maintenance to design in all fields. This is to say, we must move from a consumer nation to a producer economy which can regard their own products in the same competitive light. I urge all our readers to place an emphasis on new lines of exploitations to fulfill the promise of a better future to all.

Thank you.
With Sincere Regards
Philip Adero Onyuro
Editor in Chief- The Student Engineer Journal