The Engineering Students Association is a professional body within the School of Engineering at the University of Nairobi that brings together students in them a platform to grow as all rounded individuals through projects and activities plannes by the committee. The main objective of ESA is to promote academic welfare of its members as well as to bridge the gap between industry players and the students through partnership with organisations in ways that benefit the UoN student populace.

The executive committee is tasked with the responsibility of bridging gaps between industry players and the students. We seek to form partnerships with organizations and companies.

Esa has a publication that is aimed at spreading useful, current and relevant information to its members and the student body at large. Throuhg this magazine, ESA enables its members and other engineering students to be up to date with current trends in Engineering and Technology.

One of ESA'S primary objectives is to create an atmosphere of harmony amongst Engineering students as well as with the association, fostering positive relationships through events such as sports day and beauty pageant.

The importance of becoming familiar with the work environment is key. Therefore, through working in tandem with companies in the in the industry, ESA wishes to offer students more practical experience through easing the process of acquiring intern-ships and thus giving them a leg up towards the desired field.

ESA acknowledges the need to encourage students to go beyond classroom work and cultivate their creativity in order to provide solutions to problems. students can now have their work recognised and critiqued by proffessional engineers and companies, creating a positive work environment and support for innovations in Engineering.

Through the mentor-ship program ESA endeavours to bridge the gap between students and the work environment. The aim is to allow companies to mentor and work with up and coming engineers, bestowing ideas, challenging the students' capabilities and in turn creating a close working relationship between the companies and the institution.

Recognizing how fortunate we are to be in one of the finest institutions in the country, we feel obliged to share our knowledge and experience with others who may be thinking about a career and in engineering thus the introduction of community outreach programs. Secondary school visitations and prison ministry are some of the ways we intend to give back.

The Student Engineer is the official publication from the Engineering Students Association of the University of Nairobi