The Life 'Flavor'

By Awino Fredrick.

Take a moment and meditate about life. What keeps you moving strongly and healthily? Of course most, if not all, of us will give credit to the environmental and agricultural fabrics, with engineering flavor. Talk of lucrative income, healthy living strategies, protection of humanity from harsh climate and unsafe habitat then for sure our physical fitness, among other good living phenomena. Clearly evident shall be the unmeasurable positive contribution of engineering engagements to the societal harmony.

You don't want to imagine of how you would be without your skeletal system. Is it really possible anyway? Environmental hygiene and proper agricultural practices are the congruent of human skeleton in our habitat. The engineering bit comes in to fix any shortcomings of the above fabrics to facilitate healthy conformity to the contemporary needs. Agricultural revolution for instance was a great deal of engineering technology, and to date the whole world is enjoying its fruits both domestically and commercially.

With the environmental know how, the sustainability of the agricultural practice was and is still possible. Mechanization of farm activities coupled with different livestock breeding strategies has been so instrumental in defining productive agricultural undertakings. People can satisfactorily feed and transact commercial deals, courtesy of agricultural engineering.

Civil engineering is a very close "relative" of the environmental and Biosystems engineering and therefore its bearing on environmental good is worth noting. All the beautifully magnificent buildings we see around are apparently products of civil engineering. Design of water drainage and sewerage systems, bridges, animal structures and crop produce stores all employ the knowledge of civil engineering. However, the construction of any of the above phenomena should be flavored with a dozen of environmental conservation and human safety measure. To achieve this, a civil engineer would ensure that proper raw materials are brought to the construction site, proper mixing of the raw materials is observed and the standard construction procedure is strictly adhered to. An environmental and Biosystems engineer on the other hand would advise the contractor on the environmental measures to observe while executing duty, in order to prevent or even minimize pollution. Strong and lasting structures eventually result, with environmental natural beauty carefully observed.

Nevertheless, before civil, environmental and Biosystems engineers come in, a geospatial engineer must give his verdict on the proposed project. Survey of the proposed site is quite vital before any civil engineering work kicks off; a role played perfectly by our geospatial engineers. Mechanical and manufacturing engineering as it is commonly known controls these engineering works though. How is this possible? Nearly all the machines and equipment used in facilitating everyday activities are mechanical. Design and repair of these machines in case of any failure is cared for in the mechanical engineering “paradise”. With the massive mechanization around the globe, a lot of work need electrical input. This is where the smart electrical and electronics engineers joyously prove their expertise in various ways.

The network of engineering components obviously sweeten various walks of life and this is why engineering is deemed as the "solution to life problems". As engineers, filling any gaps that cause shakiness in life is what we enjoy most as the society around too expect that of us. Engineering as a discipline therefore defines anything sweet and enjoyable about life. Long live engineers!